Game Hacking

Attackers use automation software to make inauthentic requests in games

Attackers automate game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other players, and to obtain real-world financial rewards. Game Hacking is more than just a malicious way to steal others’ accounts; it represents a broad spectrum of automated techniques that intend to defraud other customers and the enterprise.

Game Hacking is also referred to as Macroing, Video Game Bots, Gold Farming, or Autoing.

Automation enables attackers to subvert game mechanics and gain unfair advantages

Arkose Labs identify when attackers are using bots and macros, or attempt to circumvent authentication. Such abuse is intercepted by Arkose Labs’ Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism that cannot be bypassed. This proprietary method of secondary screening blends seamlessly with gameplay and ensures that humans are never blocked.

Arkose Labs is the leading fraud prevention technology used in licensed console environments

Attackers have pioneered sophisticated techniques to commit abuse in console environments with prohibited automation tools. Arkose Labs has extensive experience within proprietary consoles and offers best-in-class fraud prevention for Sony PlayStation® and Microsoft Xbox®.


Game Hacking leads to loss of user trust and impacts downstream revenue

“Arkose Labs freed up time and resources so we could focus on innovating for players.” – CISO, Electronic Arts