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Protect against account
takeover attacks with
Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs prevents fraudsters from injecting credentials at scale using automated tools and digital sweatshops. By combining its global risk engine with adaptive step-up challenges, Arkose Labs makes it increasingly costly for fraudsters to orchestrate attacks at scale.

Arkose Labs profiles all activity using continuous intelligence and presents targeted friction for suspicious users to ensure fraudulent activity is accurately detected. Authentication challenges are easy for genuine users to complete, providing legitimate consumers an opportunity to prove their authenticity. However, these challenges prevent fraudsters from orchestrating large-scale account takeover attacks by dramatically increasing the time and resources required to pass authentication steps at scale.

Account Takeover

One in ten login requests are account takeover attempts on the Arkose Labs network


Key Features

Technology Highlights

The Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform provides a new level of accuracy in detecting account takeover attacks. Arkose Detect profiles activity to classify it by intent and risk level, with Arkose Enforce introducing visual challenges that prevent large scale attacks.


Combine sophisticated risk decisioning with intelligent step-up challenges


Long-term protection that prevents fraudsters from scaling up attacks

Adaptive Step-Up
Authentication Challenges

Stamp out scripted attacks, trained bots and sweatshop activity

100% SLA

The only solution to provide a guarantee on stopping automated account takeover attacks

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