Are You Still Allowing Bots to Bypass CAPTCHA?


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CAPTCHAs are antiquated bot defense solutions that use image recognition to protect websites against automated attacks. However, advancements in machine vision technologies have led to the development of automatic solvers that can bypass CAPTCHA easily and at scale. Businesses must adopt zero tolerance to fraud and resist temptation to use free—or nearly free—CAPTCHAs, as they ultimately cost much more

Fraudsters are in the business of cybercrime for financial gain. They extensively use bots to scale attacks and make their enterprises profitable. As a result, almost one fourth of the internet traffic is now made up of bots and automated scripts. From disseminating spam, fake reviews, up- or down-voting to more malicious activities such as espionage, phishing, identity testing, and credential stuffing, fraudsters deploy bots to sting businesses in many ways. Besides helping scale attacks, bots are used to mimic human behavior that makes it easy for fraudsters to bypass CAPTCHAs.

Protecting their networks from automated bot attacks is the responsibility of the digital businesses. As such, they must deploy solutions that not only stop attacks but also enable balancing fraud prevention with enhanced user experience. Many businesses choose to deploy free—or nearly free—bot-mitigation solutions to fight automated attacks. Unfortunately, in a bid to save upfront investments, these businesses expose themselves to greater threats that eventually cost them much more.

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Machines can bypass captchas at scale

Antiquated CAPTCHAs are no longer effective in delivering the results they were developed for in the first place—protecting consumers from the onslaught of bot attacks. This is primarily because of the following reasons:

  • Failure to adapt: They have failed to keep up with the advancements in automation that powers most of the attacks. Even the most basic bots can bypass CAPTCHA today. Automatic solvers are also available in plenty that makes it possible for bots to bypass CAPTCHAs with the least resistance.
  • Black-box approach: These solutions do not provide any insights or analysis for the decisions made. They end up being a black box approach where although they facilitate decisioning, they do not provide any context or explanation. For instance, legacy bot defense solutions can inform about the number of instances the bots or humans could successfully break through; however, they provide no information on why they could break through or how to prevent such incidents from repeating in the future.
  • Degradation of user experience: CAPTCHAs are known to interfere with and degrade user experience. Although they are meant to create friction for bots, they end up doing that for good users instead. There are umpteen instances where bots successfully bypass CAPTCHA and sail through, whereas true users have to continually click one image after the other, frustrating them in the process.
  • Privacy concerns: Many CAPTCHAs are known to collect large amounts of user data. This causes privacy concerns among consumers and can lead them to lose trust in the business. Disgruntled users can be unforgiving; and in worst cases, they can choose to switch over to a competitor.

Nothing comes for free

Free bot-mitigation solutions ultimately cost businesses in many ways. In addition to customer churn, businesses risk damage to consumer trust and brand image, which are long-term and often irreparable. Instead of giving in to the temptations of using freely available CAPTCHAs, businesses must look for a solution that goes beyond mitigation and adapts to the evolving bot threats. This will empower them to fight the onslaught of automated attacks with confidence.

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Overcome bots, maintain user experience

Arkose Labs adopts a zero tolerance to fraud approach, which helps businesses overcome fraud and automated abuse while offering seamless user experience. The Arkose Labs solution leverages continuous risk decisioning—using more than 300 parameters—to uncover the true intent of each user and assign a risk score.

Based on the risk score, every user is presented with a 3D challenge. Good users find no difficulty clearing them. But when bots—that can deftly bypass CAPTCHA—try to clear these challenges at scale, they fail instantly. This is because the challenges are context-based, rendered in real-time, and resilient to automatic solvers. They are specifically designed against even the most leading-edge innovations in bot technology.

Except for IP address, Arkose Labs solution does not capture any personally identifiable information of the users. This alleviates privacy concerns and allows businesses to continue enjoying the trust of their customers. Additionally, ongoing managed services and actionable insights from Arkose Labs enables businesses to adapt to the evolving threats and stay ahead of the developments in bot technology.

To learn why leading digital businesses trust Arkose Labs to protect them from automated bot attacks, read the case studies here


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