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It Takes a Diamond to Cut the Glass

February 15, 20222 min Read

In his role as the Chief Criminal Officer, Brett Johnson, a former cybercriminal, will help Arkose Labs make fraud efforts less lucrative for bad actors with his practical knowledge and expertise in collecting intelligence about attackers’ tactics and motivations

A primary reason I joined Arkose Labs last year is because our technology was developed based on a different mindset. Innovation, looking at problems through a fresh lens, questioning the status quo are traits that have made our approach to fraud prevention unique. As distinct as our approach is, so are our people, especially Brett Johnson, who recently joined our team as Chief Criminal Officer.

 Brett’s background sets him apart. He was an FBI Most Wanted cybercriminal, identity thief, hacker, and the original godfather of the Dark Web. He was convicted of 39 felonies and served seven and half years in federal prison before stepping away from cybercrime to work with law enforcement and to help businesses protect themselves from the type of people that once he used to be.

Hands-on with the world of cybercrime

With Brett’s first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the cybercrime world and deep understanding of cybercriminals’ tactics, Arkose Labs is able to better help businesses strengthen their consumers’ account security. His experience in the cybercrime ecosystem is already helping shape intelligence-gathering strategies and provide unique insights to help make fraud efforts less profitable for bad actors.

Gain advantage in the information warfare

Arkose Labs is on a mission to create an online environment where all consumers are protected from malicious activities. We do this by bankrupting the business model of fraud, meaning that we make fraud less profitable for bad actors With a clear objective of increasing the costs of attacks, we engage attackers with an adaptive, step-up challenge-response mechanism, until the returns are eroded to such an extent that it’s not worthwhile to continue with the attack.

This approach needs fresh intelligence continuously, and Brett’s expertise in identifying and collecting this particular information will further augment our fight against fraud. We’re already combining Brett’s real-time insights on attackers' newest tactics with our world-class platform to protect businesses from the most wyly attackers.

Leveraging Brett’s vast experience – from his past and current experience – Arkose Labs is able to source new data and information, which provides us with fresh threat intelligence into evolving fraud tactics and, therefore, gives our customers a crucial and long-term advantage over attackers and the evolution of ever-changing, complex attacks. To learn more about our unique approach to fraud deterrence, book a demo now.